Sundered Realms

A Night in Under Mountain

The apprehension of Gandra

Thrupp co. touched down in the dark of under mountain. Striking a torch Tobias began to take rubbings of the surrounding dwarves stories etched in the wall. The rest of the company attempted to decipher the markings of other adventuring teams and searched for secret passages.

Mapping as they went Thrupp co. was delighted to find a secret passage undisturbed less than 100 ft from the Yawning Portal. Their maps would be worth a pretty penny before this night was through. Chester soon realized that this door was a portal to somewhere else a belief supported by the sudden drop into mid air below them and the sun streaming in. Underground. At night.

Ulfgar made the climb first and after a brief bit of public relations with the local fauna Thrupp co. Was across the chasm and in another tunnel. To the right a crypt was marked with the druidic sign for the undead. Ahead was what appeared to be a cellar bulkhead. Emerging on top the Party found themselves floating on an earth mote miles in the air and apparently on the opposite side of Faerun. On top of the mote was a long abandoned home which at one time may have housed an evil druid. Thrupp co. acquired a magic wand, a ring and 100GP worth of diamond dust then went on their way torching the crypt of vampires as they left.

Back in under mountain Thrupp co. came to a hub of passages each marked with the failures and warnings of past companies. Taking the southern route Thrupp co. came to a wide open cavern guarded by Rory’s boys. They appeared to have found some great treasure to the west. But were more than willing to deal with Thrupp co. and even considered investing in the company.

The parties parted amicably and Thrupp co. soon found themselves in winding tunnels littered with dwarves ruins and signs of combat. Gandra was near. Tankard mistakenly alerted the assassin and the team raced forward nearly triggering a cave in. As Amara worked to disable the device Gandra made her move and bolts began to fire from the dark. Thrupp co. attacked with dangerous speed and cunning illusion and the party was able to knock the orc out.

Disguising her among other goblin loot Thrupp co. dragged the assassin back through the Yawning tavern in the early morning. After a brief meeting with their contact Thrupp co. was paid.


johnfour Terensire

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