Sundered Realms

Back in the Hole

4th and 5th of Hammer

After a quick shore leave to spend the cash burning a hole in everyones pockets Thrupp Co., boosted by confidence descended once again into under mountain. Passing through the lair of the captured assassin the company now found themselves in a strangely preserved laboratory of sorts.

Here it appears the dwarves slaves of Halastor crafted and tested many traps from hooks and spikes to illusions and other magics. Their search rewarded them not only with a secret passage and a magical hammer but also with a few ghouls and an unfortunate incident with not one but two cubes of a gelatinous nature.

After licking their wounds Thrupp co. regrouped to make a plan. In the room beyond the magical workshop lay a flaming skull surrounded by bones. With a Cry of “Caves out Staves out!” Tobias burst into the room and prepared to fell the terrible monster.

One short fireball later though Thrupp & company ran screaming like little girls from the room. They all decided that they could come back and map that location later after the floating skull had moved on.

Turning a complete 180 the company moved in their new destination and continued to find marvelous devices. An automated skelton assembler and a hallway of varying metal pipes that burst into flames when they sensed a creature. But also a room containing a simple lever labeled in two directions. Stop the Test. Begin the Test. Chester began the test. Thrupp co watched in horror as an adventurer was teleported from elsewhere into a prison of wire mesh. Within seconds a gelatinous cube reduced him to mere pocket change.

Chester pulled the lever again. Padishar tackled the urchin to the ground but not before another adventurer was dissolved. Tobias called to the others that this device must be destroyed he lay his hands on the lever and felt an invisible force (not unlike a mage hand) pull the lever yet again. A new adventurer melted. With a heave chester snapped the lever off but to his dismay the machine continued. Amara thinking quickly reached into the device and disabled it. But not before another human was killed.

Chester was bound and carried away from the device but unknown to the others he tried once again with his invisible servant to activate the device. Thankfully the conjuration could not make the machine kill again.

The party came now to a door witch reveled the statues of old gods within. “I said I’m not to be disturbed” Came a voice. “Thrupp Co. maps and Travel guides. Were here to map the room”. The party was confronted by a large bug bear. “You don’t understand. I don’t wish to be disturbed” “No you don’t understand cried the halfling I need to map this room”. Amara opened her mouth to speak but the foolish (and sexist bugbear) foolishly interrupted. A mere moment later he lay choking on his own blood.

Within the party found a man. Badly beaten and near death. This mapping operation had now become an evacuation. Returning to the portal Tobias, Tankard, Amara, and Ulfgar learned this man was a servant of nobility. He did not enter through the tavern.

Returning below to inform their compatriots they found note. “Went to find the wolves. -L” The trio briefly considered finding some new employees but begrudgingly pursued the rest of thrupp co.

Meanwhile the others followed the trail of dead goblins and wolf markings into a yet unmapped passage of under mountain. An older and more naturally made dwarves barracks appeared filled with the grisley remains of goblin. Chester crawled into a small crevice and flushed out a surviving goblin. But having no source of light he lost the creature in the caves. Coming face to face instead with Tobias.

One short pit trap revealing a silver axe later and the corpse of (that person we were looking for?) clutching wolfsbane and the company was fairly certain these wolves might be of the were- persuasion. Entering through an enormous pair of doors the party hear the faint sound of hammering at the and of a rail cart.

Ulfgar just about loses his shit when he advances to find three living, breathing, forging 900 year old dwarves forge masters. A magic slate produces schematics for pieces used in under mountain and they craft them tossing them into a teleport that goes somewhere. The three are oblivious it seems to Halastors madness, the fall of the dwarves, or even the city above their heads. But they are not under any spell or altered in anyway. They appear to just be very old, and very busy. After a long conversation the bores the druid and a mar half to death the team is ready to set off deciding to keep these wonderful dwarves forge a secret.


johnfour Terensire

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