Sundered Realms

"Cicero The Brave and Gallant vs the Cultists"

Once a maiden so fair
With Elven ears and raven hair
Came running into town
Looking for a man of renown
To strike some cultists down

She was the sole survivor
Of a battle so fraught and pitched
The stars were not in her favor
So Lyonala had to ditch
Leaving her comrades to be slain

So no one would take the chance
But brave Cicero raised his hand
And said “Fair Lady, I am yours
And will answer… your call.”

“I will gather up a merry band
to travel ‘cross the land
To avenge your mighty friends
To win your fine affection
Fair Lady”

So looking around
The smallest town
Cicero gathered his crew:

First is Petorin,
Young and brave and strong
Can’t hold his urine
And mumbles all night long (Hey!)

Next is Kelvin the peddler
An odd bird indeed
Talks to himself
And stores things inside his steed

Murder Bastard
Enough is said
Or I may find myself DEAD.

So off they went
Two by Two and One
To do. what must. be done.

The merry band burst through the gates
Cicero said “Now you’ve sealed your fates.
You’ve committed many wrongs
Your evil must be undone”

Wack. Smash. Riposte. Parry.
Hit. Cultists. Moe. Larry.
Cicero bravely slew
As did the rest of his crew.

Taking care of the final blight
All of the buildings and corpses
Were set alight.
And everything that was wrong
Was set aright.

But when Cicero looked to his maiden so fair
To perhaps steal a kiss
She was no longer thereeeeeeeeeeeeeee

And this is the tale of Cicero
So brave and so gallant
with his merry band
so weird but I guess they have some talent.


johnfour QuidProRomo

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