Sundered Realms

Contracts Closed

The End of Thrupp co.

Back below Thrupp co. set about diligently mapping more and more of Undermountain. They disturbed a nest of goblins, slew a basilisk, and made great steps in the mapping of the dark labyrinth. Soon though the company began to worry that they had not seen Durnins crew in some time and went to investigate.

The camp showed signs of a struggle and Tobias recognized the work of dark elves. Tracking the party through the corridors Thrupp co. came across a secret door. Taking a moment to investigate they found themselves teleported halfway around the planet.

Lost in a foreign land filled with artists, bear bartenders, and young nobles the dejected Tobias soon fell into a deep depression. Lyionallesa stepped up and decided that a trip to the nearby observatory to map the stars would help the company get back on track. To cut his losses Thrupp demoted her to an intern and fired Chester.

The party entered the immaculate glass cathedral leaving all weapons at the door in respect. The priest gave a rousing speech in a language that none of Thrupp co. spoke and the stars above danced and glimmered. As a dark spot began to swell in the night sky Thrupp co. Suddenly found itself jumped upon by 30 cultists. Chaos erupted immediately. Tobias let forth a blast from his thunder wand and the party members began to kick and fight they’re way towards the door but the sheer number of cultists made it all but impossible. Tobias was charmed into sleep and soon after the party lost sight of Lyonlessa in the fray. Amara fought tooth and nail into the foyer hoping to retrieve her weapons where she came face to face with knight who had escorted them here. Takeing a savage hit from the broadsword Amara managed to reach her weapons with Tankards help and bury her blades in the knights chest. Ulfgar fought bravely punching and kicking cultists more than 15 ft through the air but when he turned on the wizard he fell to a torrent of spirits. Padishar was the next to drop falling prey to the wizards ethereal hammer. But not before he managed to wake Thrupp from his slumber. Spinning toward the foyer Tobias was only able to watch as cultists overwhelmed Amara. Grabbing her daggers he ran to Tankards side as Chester became a living weapon and followed suit. Tankard fell next buying Tobias the time to grab his bow. Taking cover he began to pepper the cult with arrows but soon found himself by wailing spirits and fell. A panicking chester attempted to go toe to toe with the wizard but was no match for the cultists spells.

The party down and more than 25 cultists killed the ritual continued. Grabbing a silver dish the bastards approached Ulfgar and cut his throat. In blind rage the hidden Amara sprang forth from the shadows in one last ditch effort to cut the cultists down but was quickly brushed aside.

Outside the sky darkened and grassy top shook. The citizens watched in confusion as the observatory was lit from within and without with blasts of arcane power and lightning. It seemed in the night that a dark figure began to rise and than was gone. In the tavern a new party gathered to discuss the strange happenings.



can’t believe I missed the first real tpk.

Contracts Closed

it was a tough fight. We came close, but we were no match for two casters and 30 crazed cultists. My first tpk ever!

Contracts Closed
johnfour Terensire

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