Sundered Realms

Were-Ghoul You

Hammer the 5th?

Leaving their new dwarves friends behind Thrupp co. continued to map the old dwarven section of under mountain. The first room they came to contained a magic circle and a corpse who had once been a member of the Order of the Ruby Rose. Padishar picked up a finely decorated shield and ruby pendant and gave his old shield to Tobias. Chester began to study the markings on the floor but was interrupted by the sudden appearance of the dead paladins ghost. “Destroy the Circle he entreated” and Thrupp Co. did, because what did they care? They had maps to make. With the portal (which Chester believe goes to the Abyss) gone and the ghost at rest the party moved on.

With a swift kick Amara knocked down the last door in this section of the tunnels. Instantly she found her self mauled nearly to death by a Were Wolf. With a cry of “Packs out Axe out!” Tobias Positioned himself in the doorway. In one hand a shield that covered ninety percent of his minute frame, in the other a silvered hand axe. Flailing wildly he was able to keep the beast at bay while the party staunched Amaras bleeding. The were-beast, unable to get a bite on Tobias around the shield, dragged him into the room in a rage. Slamming the door shut behind him.

Thrupp Co. briefly considered moving on but were reminded of the contractual obligations and so burst into the room to help their boss. When the wolf fell the party learned that this is that fate the befell the Vash family. Tankards friends were dead.

Slightly worse for wear now the party moved back to the main junction and set forth on the path labeled “Certain Death”. A hall of mirrors greeted the party and while it did not produce certain death it was certainly annoying. Each mirror produced a copy of the party member it saw. The copy strode out of the mirrors and began hurling insults and just generally being a nuisance. Thrupp Co. decided they had quite enough of that and double timed it to the next room.

Still in the halls of the old dwarves the party passed a hall of Ceos richly decorated with names and guild signs which a historian of dwarves cultured would have loved to study. Thrupp Co. ignored all this and walked on. They came next to a shrine of Clangaden and a room filled with dwarves mementoes of great historical events and wars long past. Seriously dwarves and dwarf lovers would have been all about everything going on in this room. Thrupp Co. walked on. Here they found a great meeting hall of the dwarves and in a side chamber was carved upon the wall a great map of the sword coast which detailed every city of the Dwarves located for a hundred miles. Many of these cities had been forgotten and lost to time. A dwarven historian would have had a minor heart attack at this, like damn, Thrupp Co. really could have used a dwarf or an intern who knows about dwarves. Here at least Tobias decided to sit down and copy the entire map.

Strangely enough in his hour or so of mapping he was not disturbed at all. This was because at this moment Chester had decided to wander off. Opening a door he saw a large chest in the corner of a high vaulted room. Greed overtook the foolish wizard and he took a step into the room attempting to close the door behind him. Chester fell to the ceiling and was immediately knocked unconscious.

After a short while Padishar noticed he wasn’t being annoyed every ten seconds and went to find the wizard. A short while after that L and Amara noticed as well and went to find Padishar. Tobias kept mapping. They found the wizard and eventually pulled him down. Investigating briefly they discovered the chest to be fake.

The party next came to a room containing four cells. One held a dead halfling, another a drake, one a lizard creature, and the last a dwarf. Outside a skeleton was wrapped around a decaying elf. Freeing the dwarf and the lizard creature the party learned they had been captured by undead and it seemed that these cells were draining the inhabitants life force in some form of necromancy. Behind the cells the party located a ghoul wrapped in the same gold wire that adorned the cells. Charging forward Amara was immediately grabbed by the ghoul and began to feel rather ghoulish herself. After killing the monster Thrupp. Co. parted ways with the Lizard and decided to take the dwarf back home. They also felt like they should take Amara to see some kind of doctor before she became all monsters.

A hop to the temple cleared all that ails the party and Amara slunk off while the rest of the party went their own way for a good nights rest. At a tavern in town Amara met a contact who informed her that her father (a masked lord) was making a play to become the Open Lord. But before he did so he planned to clean house by putting lots of people to the knife. To Amara another night in Under Mountain began to sound really good.


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