Petorin Snow

Half-Elf, Orphan


Another product of the transitory nature of Grasstop and the Dalelands. Unwanted half breed left at the Temple of Amaunator. Petroin did well in the temple. Aiding the monks and priests in their daily chores and activities

One afternoon while in pryer Petrorin felt the presence of his deity swell within him. Light filled his mind and heart. While in this rapture of the divine presence there was a physical manifestation of this inner light: a ball of fire. It erupted outward burning his small chamber. The priests were both enthralled and frightened of the young half-elf who was always a cheerful and charismatic member of their order.

Not knowing where to turn in the small town of Grasstop. The young half elf was sent to the much larger Amaunator temple in the capitol of Cormyr Suzail. There he began to understand the gift that Amaunator gave him was not divine but magic. He begrudgingly studied magic but even as he began to see the workings of the fabric of reality he saw the work of his god.

While other wizards in his classes sought out more knowledge and power Petorin only wished to gain enough control so that he would be permitted to return to Grasstop, the home he always knew, and the quiet life in the temple of a small town.

Petorin Snow

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