Sundered Realms

Session 1 - Hammer the 1st
The Founding of Thrupp co.

On the glorious morning of the First of Hammer Tobias Thrupp set out with a mission. To change the commercial map game for all time. His plan, to map all of under mountain. His recourses, limited.

Tobias had already recruited the companies first intern Ulfgar the night previous in a nearby tavern. Ulfgar was a tiefling monk with a strange love of dwarves. Thankfully Ulfgars forays into the dwarves culture did not cover much in the way of contracts and Tobias was able to sign him on with little fuss.

On their way to the city gate Tobias and Wulfgar met the next member of the company Amara. A Human rouge with considerable street knowledge it is likely that Amara only signed her contract for legal access to a weapons carry permit.

At the city gate the trio spotted Lyonolaessa Galastacia… something in wolf speak… A filthy elf druid with a distinct lack of people skills. Tobias sought to monetize these drawbacks immediately.

Not far behind was a half elf named Padishar Creel. A cleric who offered her service to others at no cast.

The last member of the company that day was Chester. A filthy street urchin and possible cut throat the company found rooting around in the garbage. Chester was as it turns out literally was the cheapest wizard money could buy.

With the company gathered the team marched off to receive their Waterdavian license. A stamp, a fee, and several signatures later Thrupp Maps and Travel guides was officially formed.

The group received their first test as soon as they exited the guild hall. They were approached with a mission. To deliver a a message to a certain dragon born gambling in the highstakes room of the Mermaid. Using Amara’s contacts Tobias, Padishar, and Amara gained access to the mermaid and were able to discreetly deliver the package.

The reward for this task turned out to be the funding for Thrupp co.s first expedition into under mountain. A masked lord was willing to fund Thrupp co.s travel expenses so long as they captured the infamous assassin Gandra on their trip into the under mountain. Thrupp co. now descends on the winch of the Yawning Portal ready to map all before them.

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