Living and Working in Waterdeep

Waterdeep, the City of Splendors, is a bustling independent port city on the Sword Coast. Any service or commodity you can imagine can be bought or sold within the city walls, though not all can be bought legally. There is much adventuring activity in, around, and below the city. For an adventurer looking for gainful employment, there is no better city. Simple work, such as guarding caravans or serving as crew aboard a sailing vessel, can be found at any time of the year. The city often hires adventurers to supplement the ranks of the city guard or to handle matters too formidable for the constabulary. And sprawling beneath the city is the ancient magical stronghold known as Undermountain. The true extent of this vast labyrinth is only known to its creator, Halaster Blackcloak, the Mad Mage. Undermountain is filled with treasures, monsters, traps, and the remains of unworthy adventurers.

Adventuring in Waterdeep
While Waterdeep is home to many adventuring bands, and is generally friendly towards adventurers, it does not endorse unregulated vigilantism in the streets. All adventuring companies must file a charter with a city magistrate once every year. The charter must declare the name, race, profession, and general description of every member. A basic charter that allows you to conduct mercenary work within the city costs 100gp per year. Special fees are assessed for companies that contain mages, evokers, pyromancers, necromancers, and berserkers, and the city reserves the right to charge additional deposits or refuse charters for companies that have a history of causing property damage.

A charter comes with both privileges and responsibilities. A charter in good standing allows its members to come and go from the city as they please and to openly carry weapons and cast spells within the city. They may take any mercenary contracts they wish or engage in their own delving/treasure hunting expeditions. All charter members must wear a distinctive mark or badge to identify their company.

In return, adventurers must take an oath to obey the Laws of Waterdeep, and they may be called upon by the city from time to time to aid in the keeping of order or repelling of monsters. Adventurers are not full-time deputies or constables, and are not required to enforce the laws of the city, although the city disapproves of companies that turn a blind eye to criminal activity.

Living and Working in Waterdeep

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