Sundered Realms

A Letter to Lord Radames Neronis

Dearest Lord Father,

I hope this letter finds you well. I have much news to tell you of my travels.

Last I wrote was of my simple travels through the Dalelands performing and doing simple good deeds where I could help but suddenly I have been sent upon a greater task.

A great evil has been unleashed by the Stargazer Cultists north of Grasstop. It has been causing people’s eyes to turn black and commit evil acts after breaking open an oily black egg. Sadly a man who could not be saved had to be put down after setting fire to a temple of Sylvanus.

The young leader of the town gathered up a party to investigate the nature of this evil. So we departed toward Myth Drannor following the river. Along the way we encounted Orcs who have seemed to also be possessed by this and were quickly dispatched. However this was many days outside of Grasstop and they all seemed to be traveling toward the craterlake.


Fortunately we came across some Purple Dragon Knights who seemed to be on some sort of secret mission traveling in the direction of Grasstop. We apprised them of the current situation and hope they can lend a hand.

Now we have set up camp in a toll-road camp of some brigands who were extorting travelers setup. I did not start the fight but it was assuredly ended.

Tomorrow we continue our journey towards Myth Drannor to hopefully find a way to end this evil once and for all. If you know of anyone there who may be able to help us please send word there.

With Love and Gratitude,
Your son,
Duodecimus Cicero Neronis

PS Bertram is doing as well as he can though I fear this more rigorous type of travel may not be the best for him. If i

PPS Red Dragons are nicer than they are given credit for.


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