Sundered Realms

An Ode: To Endings, and to Beginnings

Postmortem and a new beginning

I am not proud of what I’ve done.

In my long life, I’ve seen death, from nearly every cause that most people could imagine. And even some causes that most people would have never imagined in their wildest dreams. I’ve learned the necessity of death. The truth about death is simply: all death is a way of making way for life. Much like the fires that burn through the forests of my home from time to time. The misunderstandings some have in seeing fire as death and destruction, without understanding the life that it brings. It clears away old growth, opens clearings of sunlight for the young seedlings to take root and thrive.

And yet, there is the unnatural death. There is the fire that burns too hot, killing too much. This is what hits the hardest. First, my pack was taken from me, cruelly, by unthinking humans. Then, now, my new pack has once again been culled. I’d vowed to never let it happen again, but it did. And I…

I ran. I am sorry.

I vowed to go back. And go back I did. After alerting the town of Grasstop to the threat in the hills, I found a group willing to aid me in cleansing… no, I have to admit, in getting revenge.

In the dark of night, we returned to the observatory. Carefully this time, aware of the danger. We saw the carnage through the large glass dome, and we planned. We waited until the cultists had separated, we followed them to their temples. We slaughtered them. I must admit, I do not think I could have done it without Petorin and his friends. Dear Petorin.

Unfortunately, I’m afraid of this group. Afraid of the things they brought back with them from that place. I sense only darkness, unnatural darkness. I am afraid of what it will lead them to. So I must run again. But not away this time. This time, I go back.

I go back to Waterdeep. To my quest left unfinished. I’ve avenged one pack, I still have yet to avenge another. And, perhaps, I can fulfill the quests of my dear, departed, friends.

Tobias. Amara. Chester. Tankard. Padishar. Ulfgar. I will remember you all. I will fulfill my duties. I will find more willing to map Undermountain. I will find Gary and make sure he is safe. And I will never, ever, again run from my friends when they need me most.

And to those I met in Grasstop, to Petorin and his friends…
Beware. Beware the fire that burns too hot.


johnfour jmart79

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