Sundered Realms


Or is it?

Through the heroic (and somewhat selfish) actions of our heroes, the rift between the planes was closed and Akamar was banished once again into the Far Realm. The conquering armies from Myth Drannor and Cormyr celebrated the victory, but our reluctant heroes were wary to spend much time in the limelight.

Sagaba set off immediately for parts unknown.
Petorin followed after her.
Zenji grabbed what cash he could and disappeared in the post-battle confusion.
Retribution hid outside the camp and joined his bow to the fire and claws of Gar’s brood when the dragons attacked.
Murder Bastard complained loudly to all who would listen about getting screwed out of a reward until she was pacified somewhat by a grant of land and title.
Kelvin beat feet out of there before Gar showed up, hastily dropping off Cicero’s remains with his family.
Cicero was packaged neatly for the return trip to Cormyr with his family. Surely his noble sacrifice has earned him a few thousand gp worth of restorative magic.


If/when cicero comes back he has certainly been tainted by the plane of winds and will be reborn as an air genasi.

johnfour johnfour

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