Sundered Realms


The beginning of the end

In a desperate bid to prevent Akamar from reaching full power, our heroes are joining the elves of Myth Drannor to assault the fortress that has grown around the meteor crash site.

The war preparations were disrupted when, during the final banquet before the long march to war, many elves were overcome by aberrant possession and summoned beholders to assault the feasting army. Even though the beasts were defeated, morale was much diminished and the soldiers went to bed with heavy hearts. Cicero and Kelvin were able to bolster the spirits of some of the troops, but overall the mood in camp was grim.

In the pre-dawn hours, the army packed camp and set off on the path to war. The elves kept a quick pace, and our heroes were hard-pressed to keep up. During the second day of marching, orcs and goblins issued forth from the dark fortress to burn the forest ahead of the approaching elven army. That night, the army made camp with the fortress ahead of them and a raging forest fire behind them, any hope of retreat cut off.

As the army began the ground assault, Tendra, Vothrik, and our heroes launched a small-scale aerial offensive. They dropped in from a great height, along with debris and rubble to mask their entrance. Vothrik and his kenku brothers failed to deploy their feather fall amulets, and quickly dropped out of sight.

Our heroes had only a brief moment to mourn their loss before the air defenses of the fortress rose to meet them. They battled against vicious, tentacled grell as they fell into the courtyard outside the keep, then were ambushed by possessed berserkers and two chuul overseers at the gates. With the sounds of the ground assault raging all around, the next challenge is to penetrate the central keep and perform the ritual to banish Akamar.


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